Another Beginners Bullwhip

Another Beginners Bullwhip

Today’s been a busy day for me, I did two shows, put an alternator in my car, rode bikes with my daughter and finished the overlay of a beginners bullwhip!    I actually cut out all the layer, did the strand prep and plaited the overlay of the bullwhip.

cowhide bullwhip parts
Plaiting a bullwhip

In the picture above you can see that I’ve got the bullwhip hanging from a hook that’s at the top of the doorframe.  On the left side of the picture you can see where I normally plait my bullwhips, and that hook is lower.

What I do when I plait my bullwhips is that I braid on the lower hook, then once the whip is 6 feet long, I move it to the higher hook and keep braiding (for bullwhips longer than 6 feet).

I should be able to find time to finish this bullwhip tomorrow.  I need to tie the knots and attach the fall.


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