Bullwhip Handle design

Bullwhip Handle design

I’ve got a bullwhip in the works right now that has a 12 plait thong and a 24 plait handle.  This bullwhip is being made in whiskey colored kangaroo hide.

The first plaiting challenge I ran into while working on the handle was that the pattern wasn’t giving me a lot of trouble. Then I counted my strands and learned that I was trying to do a 24 plait pattern with 22 strands!!  So I added the two extra handle strands and it’s coming along much better.

When planning a design for the handle I did a lot of looking around on the internet at pictures of other bullwhip maker’s higher plait count bullwhips to get a feel for what I would like.  One thing I noticed with my first two high plait count whips (20 plait bullwhip and 24 plait stockwhip handle) was that I was trying to cram in as many designs as I could. But after reflecting on those to projects and the pictures of the whips that I really liked I decided simplier is better.

For example here’s  a picture of one of Joe Strain’s 16 plait bullwhip handles:

Bullwhip handle by Joe Strain

It’s simple and elegant.

I guess that throwing every design into a whip is part of the learning process for me.  I’ll post some pictures of the 24 plait handle when I have it finished (probably later today)



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