Dene Williams Hand Splitter

Dene Williams Hand Splitter

A few weeks ago I got a Dene Williams Hand Splitter from Paul Nolan.  When I got the hand splitter I already had a bench splitter, so I wasn’t sure if the hand splitter would get much action…boy oh boy was I wrong!

Dene Williams Hand Splitter

I love the Hand Splitter!

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, but it wasn’t really practical with a bench splitter is to thin down some of my strand drops.  I’ve tried doing that with my bench splitter and it’s really not practical to move the whip to the bench splitter and thin down the strnads.  Now with the Hand Splitter I just split the strand right before I drop it and I don’t have to move the whip and that makes slimming down the strands EASY!

Also it uses utility knife blades, and those are easy to get and cheap!

There are things a bench splitter can do that the Dene Williams Hand Splitter can’t like knocking down the high spots on bolsters (which are too wide for the Hand Splitter).  Also since I make my bullwhips in a small space it’s easier to split down long strands with the bench splitter.

For $125 it’s a great tool to have around!!  You can get these from Paul Nolan:

P.S. My IN STOCK bullwhip sale ends at 10pm Sunday 7/5/09!

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