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kip sucks!

June 26th, 2009

Well my mind is made up kip sucks for whipmaking!  For the first couple feet of the kip bullwhip that I was making it was doing alright, but once the strands started to taper and weren’t 8mm wide they were breaking like crazy.  I was breaking  a strand every 6-9 inches.

12 plait bullwhip
kip bullwhip

I wasn’t pulling very hard either (maybe 60% -70% of the pull that I’d use for kangaroo), and after fixing the strands about 6 times I’ve decided to cut off the overlay.  I don’t know what I’ll do with the bellies that are done…maybe I’ll cut out a kangaroo overlay and plait that over the kip bellies.

Anyway as far as my whipmaking goes, I’m not going to mess with kip for anything other than bolsters or 4 plait whip.

Tomorrow or Sunday I’ll start on making a 12 plait kangaroo signal whip.



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