Turkshead Cookbook

Turkshead Cookbook

After trying out some of the knots in the Turkshead Cookbook with kangaroo, I have some opinions about the book and tool.  These might change after doing more knots with it.

This book has tons and tons of turkshead knots and it’s a great resource to have around.

The main thing for me is that it’s hard to guage how thick the kangaroo lace should be when tying the knot on the tool and not directly to the whip.  I was making them too wide or too thin strands.  When tying directly to the whip you know pretty early if the lace is the right size. With the tool you have to tie the knot, then move it to the whip and tighten it before you know how well it’s going to fit.

I did do all my experimenting with knots that were new to me, and I’m sure that if I did knots that I knew how to tie the outcome would have been better…but since the knots that I already know I can do from memory I don’t need the tool for those (that’s why we didn’t try it with those knots).

I think my plan of actions with the Knot Tool and Turkshead Cookbook will be to learn one or two new knots with the Turkshead Tool and keep practicing them with the tool…and eventually work them out to memory (or semi memory) so that I can tie them directly to the bullwhip.

I also just ordered Introduction to Turksheads by Tom Hill.  In case you haven’t notices I’m working right now to improve my turksheads and my turkshead vocabulary.

Today I only have one morning show, so I’ll probably get a chance to make a stockwhip thong for my handle.   I still need to take a picture of the stockwhip handle.  I’ll probably do that after I shellac it.



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