KotCS style Bullwhips…

KotCS style Bullwhips…

I was thinking about the 10 foot bullwhip that I’m working right now.  It’s one of the whips that’s made with the look of the bullwhip in the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Besides the color one of the things that makes this bull whip different is that it ends with an 8 plait point.  

I really like making the 8 plait point on a bullwhip.  It’s a bit more challenging in the tapering of the strands than a 6 plait, but a bit easier at the same time because I don’t have to deal with the 8 to 6 plait strand drop.  

I should be getting home later today from my little trip and hopefully I’ll have time to do the wrist loop and knots on the 10 foot KotCS bullwhip that I”m currently working on.  After that I still have the 6 foot pair of bullwhips and an 8 foot KotCS style bullwhip.



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