Western Town

Western Town

Right now I’m on a little road trip with my family.  We are visiting Ghost Towns in Washington State.  It’s a fun little trip for the holiday weekend and with the economy how it is you can get nice hotels for dirt cheap!

We had lunch in a touristy Western Town called Winlock.  Just about every shop there was selling the cheap-o mexician swivel handle bullwhips.  I’ve never used one of them, and after seeing one my impression hasn’t changed. 

If you end up getting one because of budget, availablity or whatever here’s a little tip…find some pecards!  All the ones that I saw were dry as a bone, so the Pecards leather dressing will give the whip a bit more of a fighting chance at life. 

Also before I left home I managed to finish the overlay and attach the fall on the 10 foot bullwhip that I was working on.  I don’t like leaving partially finished braiding for long periods of time.  If a whip isn’t finished and it just sits there half braided the strands will untighten slowly over time.  Then you will end up with an inconsitant braid. 

To fight that whenever I stop braiding (like at the end of the day, or to take a break), before I start again I undo at least a full cycle of the braid to make sure I a more consistant overly. Obviously the best way is to not stop at all while making the overlay, but that’s not always an option.



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