Budget Bullwhip

Budget Bullwhip

Yesterday I finished tying the 5 part 6 bight knots on an 8 foot budget bullwhip.  I really like the look of this knot.


Inexpensive bullwhip

 I threw this bullwhip a few times yesterday and it’s got a nice crack!  The handle on this bullwhip is lightly lead loaded to give the whip a little bit more “weight in the hand“.    

Personally I think these budgets bullwhips that I’m making are a great deal because they are cheap (compared to kangaroo bullwhips) and I put a bit more love into them than a lot of beginners bullwhips.  All my budget bullwhips have a leather core and a plaited belly.  

A little while ago I started adding some lead loading the butts of the  handles of these whips and this particular whip has about 1/2 what I used to add.  There’s enough weight to make the handle easier to hold while cracking…but not soo much that it wear out a beginning whip cracker (that hasn’t developed thier whip cracking muscles!).


P.S. This bullwhip is listed on my IN STOCK whips page.


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