Cheap-o Bullwhip-o

Cheap-o Bullwhip-o

I just put the knots on this 8 plait cowhide bullwhip with the rawhide core and took it outside and did some test cracks with it.  I kinda like the rawhide core in the bullwhip.  It really makes the whip lively.  The whip did the basic cracks (forward, sidearm, volleys) very easily. 

This whips guts are:

  • Rawhide core
  • platied belly
  • 8 plait overlay

5 foot rawhide core bullwhip

I’m naming this bullwhip the Cheap-o Deluxe Bullwhip.  I think the rawhide core gives it a much better feeling than a leather core, but it’s still made on the cheap (compared to the construction of my kangaroo bullwhips). 


This bullwhips measurements are:

  • Handle: 8 inches
  • Thong: 4 foot 3 inches
  • Total: 4 foot 11 inches (butt of the handle to the fall hitch)


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