Whitehide and Latigo Falls…

Whitehide and Latigo Falls…

I’m just finishing up using my first side of whitehide, and I just ordered a couple of more sides (one whitehide and one Indian Tan Latigo).  A whole side of whitehide which is usually over 20 square feet lasts a while when it’s just used for falls.  

Speaking of whitehide I’ve always wondered why people make whitehide stockwhips, but nobody makes a whitehide bullwhip?  I asked Joe Strain when I visited him last month is there was a specific reason why nobody makes a whitehide bullwhip and he told me there’s no reason why you can’t.   I think I saw a side of whitehide at MacPherson Leather that was fairly thin…maybe I’ll crank out a few whitehide bullwhips…if they still have the side of whitehide.

On thing that took me forever to learn about bullwhip making was how to choose the correct fall for a whip.  David Morgan lectured me many times about the importance of the correct fall (and cracker) being attached to a bullwhip before I finally understood it.  Basically the fall should be an extension of the weight and width of the point of the whip. 

Bullwhip Projects in the Works

Right now I have a few things I’m working on.  I’ve got a 4 foot signal whip in two tone kangaroo about halfway finished.  I still have the pair of 4 foot bullwhips to shellac (I’m waiting to finish the signal whip and I’ll shellac them at the same time).  After I get those whips done I’m makinga 4 foot 4 plait bullwhip for myself, I have the core for this whip cut out, however I still need to cut out the rest of the bullwhip.