Bullwhip Progress…

Bullwhip Progress…

Yesterday I got some more work on the 8 foot 12 plait bullwhip.  First I did all the strand preparation; stretching, paring, stretching again, then splitting the strands to an even thickness.  

Here are the strands after they have been prepared for plaiting (they don’t look much different from before I do all the prep):


kangaroo strand for making a bullwhip


The second round of stretching after paring is something new I’m doing.  David Morgan mentioned it to me when we were talking about the angle of cut while paring.  I think the theory behind the second stretch is after you pare the strand you’ve changed the widths in places and the second stretch will pull the roo differently in places that were thicker…getting more stretch out, and finding any new weak spots before braiding.

Next I attach the core to the handle and braid the inner plaited belly over the bullwhip’s core:


Plaited belly (inner)

After the inner plaited belly is finished I add bolster and plait the outer plaited belly over it:



how to make a bullwhip

Once the second belly is finished its like having a little bullwhip, it’s nice and dense and if I attached a fall it’d probably crack.



double plaited bullwhip bellies

Next I add the final bolster to the bullwhip:

how to make a bullwhip

And do a bit of work on the butt knot foundation:


how to make a bullwhip

The bullwhip is finally ready for me to start work on plaiting the 12 plait overlay.  Up until now a lot of things happen pretty quickly….but the overlay is probably the part of the bullwhip that is the most time consuming, so it won’t look like much at my next update, but hopefully the overlay will be finished.