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Thoughts on Shot Loading…

February 10th, 2009

I haven’t done a ton of shot loading of the thongs in my bullwhips (except for signal whips and snake whips).  I’ve talked with David Morgan several times about the advantages of shot loading the thong of a bullwhip.

Now a shot loaded thong is different from a lead loaded butt.  With a shot loaded thong there will be lead shot for the core of the bullwhip.  So that will move weight out of the handle and into the beginning of the whip, making the bullwhip a bit more nose heavy.
A lead loaded butt has a sheet of lead wrapped around the end of the handle to form the butt knot foundation.  That will put the more weight at the base of the handle in your hand.  
I made the bullwhip below with a shot loaded core.
8 foot bullwhip
This bullwhip (not shot loaded) shipped out to it’s owner in Texas earlier today.

8 foot budget bullwhip



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