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Shot Loaded Whips

Yesterday I started work on two shot loaded whips, one bullwhip and one snake whip.  One thing about working with whips that have a short core is that they are very heavy on the hands while plaiting over them.  after plaiting over both bellies, my hands needed a  break!

Right now I’m using #9 lead shot, which is a bit bigger than the #12, but about 1/2 the cost.  When using finer shot you can pack more into the same space, giving a slightly heavier shotbag on your whip.  But honestly I don’t thing anyone would be able to tell the weight diffrence between a whip loaded with #9 and one with #12 without a digial scale.  

Also with a slightly larger shot, if for some reason the shotbag ruptures inside the whip, there is less of a chance of the shot getting out (past the belly/boslter and overlay).  However if a whip is tightly plaited and correctly made, the lead shouldn’t be able to get out even if the shotbag breaks inside the whip.

Whip Bag

Recently I ordered another whip bag from Joe Strain (Northern Whip Co).  I love the whip bags he makes, currently I have one in black and the one on its way to me is in burgandy.


Joe Strain bullwhip bag

I need another bag to carry around the 29 foot 2 inch bullwhip, so that’s why I ordered another bag.  I think Joe sells the too cheap at $24.95, they are a steal!  If you have a whip and don’t have a whip bag, do yourself (and your bullwhip) a favor and get one of Joe Strain’s whipbags!