Plaiting Finished…

Plaiting Finished…

I just finished plaiting the 12 plait two tone overlay of the 2nd bullwhip of this pair.  They both have redhide falls.   




It may be a while before they get rolled, I have a bruised rib and since I feel like I’m getting stabbed whenever I sneeze I’m guessing  it’ll hurt like hell to roll them.


pair of bullwhips


but then I may get tired of looking at them in an unfinished state and force myself to roll them.

Finally someone honest!

Earlier today I took a peek on ebay and I’ve finally found a bullwhip maker that’s just starting out and honest with their bullwhip’s description!


beginners bullwhip

This seller is very clear that it’s one of thier early bullwhips and the whip’s faults.  Click here to view the auction

I applaud this seller!