4 foot bullwhip plaiting…

4 foot bullwhip plaiting…

One of the bullwhips in this pair of bullwhip’s has the plaiting of the overlay finished.  I still need to roll it, tie the knots, and shellac it, so it’s nowhere near finished yet.


I’m still struggling while plaiting after hurting my chest, my plaiting speed is a bit slower than normal, but I’m okay.

Right now this bullwhip has a redhide fall on it, but I might switch it for a whitehide one.  I only have one redhide fall, so I won’t be able to have both bullwhips in the pair with the same fall.  I haven’t used the redhide falls very much, but I did chat with David Morgan about them.  He told me that whitehide ones are generally more durable than the redhide…but then Joe Strain has mentioned to me that he likes the Latigo Falls, so that looks like I’m going to have to do some testing for myself to see what I prefer!

This weekend I’ll probably start the overlay on the 2nd bullwhip of this pair.