4 Foot Bullwhip Pair Progress…

4 Foot Bullwhip Pair Progress…

I wasn’t going to do much plaiting last night, I hurt my chest sledding with my daughter in the snow (I’m an old man!), but I ended up with a house full of execpted, but welcome visitors.  Two of my sisiters and brother from New York were passing through Seattle to visit our dad in Alaska, but their flight got cancelled.  So I picked them up and when I got them home they proptly fell asleep (they’d been traveling  for 20 hours!).

So to not keep them up I went into my office and did a bit of work on the 4 foot bullwhips.  I’m about 3 feet into one of them:


12 plait bull whip

While working on this bullwhip at one point I noticed a gap in the plaiting on the backside of the whip.  I was able to diagnose the problem and replait it correctly (I was very proud of myself!).  I had read somewhere that when making whips you make sure the top half looks good and the bottom half will fix itself.  I don’t  agree with that.  If you notice a problem on the underside of the bullwhip, you need to correct it, or at least try to figure out why it’s doing whatever it is.