Let it Snow!!

Let it Snow!!

It’s been snowing here in the Seattle area for the last few days and it really hit yesterday.  I’ve got about 8ish inches of snow and my shows today have all rescheduled for next week, so I’m having a “snow day”!  


bullwhip maker playing in the snow

When I wasn’t outside playing with my daughter found time to sharpen my Osborne 86 Leather Splitter and split the overlays for the pair of 4 foot whips to an even thickness.


Osborne 86 leather splitter

Ever since I started splitting my overlay’s I’ve fallen in love with my splitter.  When I first got a splitter I used to just split the bellies.  Then I started doing the bellies and evening out the the bolsters.  Now I use the splitter to even out all the layers of my bullwhips.  I’m amazed at how much variation there can be within a  couple of inches on a strip of leather (kangaroo or cow).




Matched pair of bullwhips

I also put the bolsters on the pair of bullwhips and now I need to do the knot foundations before I can start plaiting the overlays.