Pair of 4 foot Bullwhips

Pair of 4 foot Bullwhips

My current bullwhip project is working on a pair of 4 foot bullwhips.  I’m making these in 12 plait kangaroo with a two tone overlay.  They will be Whiskey and Saddle Tan colored kangaroo hide.


Bullwhip - how to make a bull whip


 I haven’t decided on the pattern that I’m going to use for the overlay yet.  I’m thinking I may do one bullwhip with 9 strands in Saddle Tan and 3 strands in Whiskey and the other bullwhip in the opposite colors.

I’ve also been thinking of doing the whips with 6 strands of each color and doing some fancy plaiting patterns on the handles.  Every thing is cut out for these whips, and I’ll be working on the overlay’s pretty soon, so I have some decisions to make.  

After the pair of 4 foot bullwhips are finished I have another signal whip that I’m going to be starting.  I have one another design for the shotbag that I want to try out.   I liked how the last one turned out (for weight and diamter), but I think I can improve on it a little bit.