signal whip – 16 plait

signal whip – 16 plait

Last night I finished a 16 plait signal whip that I had started work on at the beginning of December.  This one turned out pretty well, this is my 5th or 6th signal whip, so I’m not a pro at making them yet.  


single tail signal whip

My braided cracker is looking a lot better than my previous ones.  I still need to give this signal whip a good rolling and some shellac.  

Currently I’m working on learning a new skill for my shows, I’m learning to juggle hats.  It’s a lot different from juggling balls or clubs.  



Hat Juggling

When I am learning the basics of a new skill for my shows I practially live with the props.  I practice with every spare second I have.  In my opinion having a lot of shorter sessions (5-10 minutes) over the course of the day is more benificial than having one longer session (45 mins to an hour).  With shorter sessions your muscles and brain doesn’t get worn out and you won’t get sloppy.  Practicing once you are worn out is useless.