New Signal Whip (for me)

New Signal Whip (for me)

Every now and then ebay emails me coupon codes good for 10 percent off purchases when I pay with paypal.  I got one in my email inbox the other day and it was good for 15 percent off, so I took a peek at what was for sale on ebay.

I’ve been thinking about getting another signal whip and saw an auction for one made by Axel Wright, and the auction was ending in a couple of days.  I ended up getting a sweet deal on this signal whip (under $100).

Signal Whip

I’m very curious to see how the strand drops are done in this whip, since it’s a shorter whip at 4 feet and a higher plait count (16 plait).  Basically I’ve only done the shorter whips in 8 or 12 plait, it seems to me that with a 16 plait, you’d be dropping strands a lot and very often!


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