Inexpensive bullwhips…

Inexpensive bullwhips…

Today I made a pair of inexpensive bullwhips.  They are 4 plait cowhide and 6 feet long. The knots on them are made from kangaroo and the falls are whitehide.

inexpenive bullwhips - pair

These bullwhips aren’t horrible, but not as nice as my kangaroo bullwhips.  These are for someone that wants a bullwhip to crack, but doesn’t intend to do anything too fancy with them.  I took them out today and they cracked.


Bullwhip #1 close up
Bullwhip #2 close up

These bullwhips are for sale for $75 each or both for $110 (with FREE SHIPPING).  Visit my “bullwhips INSTOCK” page by clicking the link below:

11 thoughts on “Inexpensive bullwhips…

  1. Can you make cheaper kangaroo hide bullwhips maybe 8ft long ,because if you did I would love to buy one.So if you would just send me a email to let me know if you can.

  2. i would love to have a whip, but cheap. is this the cheapest you have? if so ill check it out. shoot me back an email when its possible. thanks

  3. I want to ask if those bullwhips,you discribe above(the pair for 110 dollar with free shipping)are still available,


    Naga Nanlohy
    from the Netherlands

  4. hi,

    you call this inexpensive but i’ve wanted to whip crack for some time now and don’t want to spend nearly this much on a bullwhip… what would you suggest?

    1. Tom,

      My suggestion would be to save up! If you’re not will to save up, then you really didn’t want to crack whip in the first place.

      I don’t make these this cheap any more and honestly currently there’s nothing being made that I’ve seen in the under $75 price range that’s worth your time. Pretty much to make a whip for under $100 you have to cut corners in at least two these places (usually all three):

      Internal construction

      Whether you buy a whip from me or someone else here’s some good advice: you get what you pay for

      If you want to spend $50 on a whip my suggestion would be to go out an buy a $50 bottle of wine. You’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of that than a $50 bullwhip.

      Another low cost route would be to find a local whip cracking group, contact them and try out their whips (with permission). there may not be any close to you, make a day out of it and drive a few hours. If you’re not willing to put a tank of gas into it, then you really didn’t want it in the first place.

      hope that helps.

    1. Jerry,

      Unfortunately this post is from 2008 and it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever make any whips that retail at $75 again. Currently with the rising cost of leather I don’t think I’ll ever find suitable leather to make whips out of that cheap and that particular pair of whips was made from leather that I got at a very low, close out price.

      You can view my current IN STOCK inventory at:


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