8 Foot Bullwhip – Making

8 Foot Bullwhip – Making

Yesterday I finished the overlay of an 8 foot bullwhip. It’s 12 plait in whiskey kangaroo.

After the overlay was put on, I tied some string for the foundation for the transition knot:

Then put a turkshead over the string:

The string base for the knot is something that I put on to keep the knot from sliding up and down the whip if it loosens over time. It also builds up the space under the knot and gives it a little bit of texture.

Also you’ll notice the color difference between the knot and the handle/lash of the whip. The knot is the color of the leather when I get it, and the handle/lash is the color the braiding process (pulling/plaiting soap/etc) changes it to. The knot will be darkened during the finishing process.

Today I’ll put the heel knot on, roll and schellac the whip and ship it out!


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