Bullwhip – In Progress

Bullwhip – In Progress

Yesterday I finished up all of the internal layers of the 8 foot bullwhip I’m working on. I braided the outer belly and then cut out the outer bolster:

This bolster is a two part bolster, I join the with a long wedge shape. This makes is much easier to braid over to join them and it also helps keep them together over time.

I then attached the bolster to the handle:

An put some weight into what will be the heel knot foundation of the whip.

This weigh balances out the whip a little bit more and makes it so that it’s not super nose heavy and wants to jump out of your hand when you crack it.

Then I cut out and did the strand prep for the 12 plait overlay:

And got started plaiting the handle.

I’m about a foot into into the whip and today I should get the overlay finished. Tomorrow will be the knots, rolling and any finishing touches. Then this whip is off to its new owner!


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