Kangaroo Skin…

Kangaroo Skin…

I’m starting work on an 8 foot, 12 plait bullwhip. It’s going to be made with whiskey colored veg tanned, drum stuffed kangaroo. I ran up to David Morgan this morning and picked up this skin.

One great thing about buying my kangaroo skins from them is they always have great skins. Right now with the current COVID restrictions is that while I couldn’t go in to pick out my own skin, the crew there knows what a whip maker wants in a skin.

The largest they had was a 58 dm skin and for an 8 foot whip, ideally I’d have at least a 65dm skin. That means that I’ll have to cut up a leftover kangaroo center for one of the bellies. I really hate wasting prime kangaroo skin on a belly, but sometimes that’s what has to happen.

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