Wrist Loops…

Wrist Loops…

Lately I’ve been putting more thought into my wrist loops and because of that they are looking much better.  I think there are a couple of things that are overlooked by beginners when they make wrist loops:

  1. Thickness of the strands:  On a 6 plait wrist loop that’s normally used on an Indy Bullwhip you need the strands to be fairly thin.
  2. Length of the wristloop:  I’ve notice that a lot of beginners wristloops aren’t very big.  That would make it hard for someone with a thick hand to use it.

Until recently I’ve been cutting my wristloops freehand, but since making my strands thinner I switched over to using one of David Morgan’s lace cutters.

kangaroo lace cutter by whipmaker david morgan

You can get them from David Morgan, they work great for cutting the fine strand of a wrist loop.



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