Bullwhip Repair

Bullwhip Repair

Here’s a bullwhip that came in to be fixed:


Based on the picture that I was sent before the whip was shipping to me, I thought I was going have to just put a fall hitch at the break. When the whip arrived and I got a closer look at it, I saw there was another option.

Here’s a close up of the point of the whip that broke off:

bullwhip repair

You’ll notice the last foot of the whip was added onto the whip just past the break. Now there was another option, to unbraid the point and rebraid it before the break.

Broken bullwhip

If you look in the picture above, you’ll notice that the original point was basically a piece of latigo. This was an interesting way to make it. I guess the idea was to have the last braided foot of the whip replaceable.

The goal was to use the same leather, but unfortunately it was too brittle. I redid the point in kangaroo:

bullwhip repair

And here’s the fixed whip:

bullwhip repair

It’s going to head back to it’s owner in the morning!


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