Bullwhip Pictures

Bullwhip Pictures

Here are some bullwhips and stockwhips that I’ve finished lately:

latigo stockwhip

Stockwhip kangaroo

long handle bullwhip

4 foot bullwhip

I’ve added some of the whips above onto my IN STOCK page and I’ll add the others soon.

My next project is a 16 plait 8 foot bullwhip with 10 inch handle. For that bullwhip I’m using a goat rawhide plaited belly. The rawhide is currently casing in the freezer. I’m learning more and more about rawhide and how to properly use it.

Yesterday I was performing in Portland and drove by Oregon Leather and picked up the book Braiding Rawhide Horse Tack. That book has a slightly different way of casing rawhide than what Gail Hought uses. I’m going to try the method from Braiding Rawhide Horse tack soon.

One thing that I’m noticing about rawhide is that it takes a lot more work to prepare it for braiding than kangaroo. That may be why a lot of people don’t use it.