Bullwhip Making on the Road…

Bullwhip Making on the Road…

One of the nice things about how I make my bullwhips is that I don’t need a fancy shop to do it. That’s a cool thing about doing free hand cutting, there are no tools, or jigs needed, aside from a sharp knife. Here’s a whip I made in a hotel room while I was travelling. The picture below is of the inner plaited belly and bolster:

This is the outer plaited belly of the whip:

plaited belly in bull whip

And here’s the insides of the whip finished and ready for the overlay to be put on:

When making a whip in a hotel room, I put plastic on the floor so that I don’t make a huge mess. Here’s the lace for the overlay after it’s been pared and stretched:

kangaroo lace for whip making

Here’s the bullwhip which is almost finished. It still needs to be shellac’d and rolled between two boards.

12 plait bullwhip

And here’s the finished bullwhip:


It’s in the mail to its new owner!


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