Six Bullwhips…

Six Bullwhips…

My current project is working on a dozen whips! Six of them will be six foot 12 plait bullwhips and the other six will be four foot stockwhips. The most labor intensive will be the bullwhips, so I’m working on them first.

For me, when making a lot of whips that are the same, the easiest way to save time is to do the same layer of all of them at the same time. This is “production line” style, where you do only one task at a time. This way your brain isn’t constantly shifting gears. For example, I cut out all of the bellies at the same time:

Then I went through and attached all of the inner bellies at the same time. Once they were all attached I plaited all six of them.

This way works great, but when I’m doing the overlays will be really rough on my hands.


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