Save 20% on Indy Bullwhips!

Save 20% on Indy Bullwhips!

Labor Day Indy Style Bullwhip Sale!

From now until midnight on 9/5/11 (or when I wake up  in the morning on 9/6 and turn off the sale) all Indy Style Bullwhips are 20% off the base cost! To take advantage of this sale go to:

bull whips

All my Indy Style bullwhips are made with the same look as the bullwhips used by Indiana Jones in the first three movies.  So these bullwhips will be the same plait count, have the same knots, etc.

These are all “made to order” and the current wait time  from when you place your order to when it ships is approx. 2 weeks.  Keep in mind my bullwhips are made in a first come first served order, so if you wait until midnight on Labor Day you wait may be longer if a bunch of people order before you did, so delay order now!


P.S. This is a super great deal, you will save $84 on your bullwhip!