Bullwhip almost finished!

Bullwhip almost finished!

I’m back from Portland and that trip was a bust. The people at the fair weren’t spending any money, and it rained most of the time….however the crowds I pulled when I did my stage shows were much larger than I expected and great crowds.

Now that I’m back I am finishing up the 5 foot bullwhip. This will probably be the last whip I make for a few weeks, I need to finished up making the props for my new summer show and then rehearse the show.

Yesterday I gave the whip a good rolling, put the fall and cracker onto the whip and did the top knot. All that is left is to do is the knot on the butt of the handle and this whip is ready to go.

bull whip 5 foot kip

Here are this whips measurements:
handle: 8 inches
Thone: 4 feet 4 inches
Fall: 31 inches
total lenght: 7 feet 7 inches

bull whip with top knot

I took this whip out for the brief moment that it wasn’t raining yesterday and gave it a couple of quick “flick” and “sidearm” cracks. It seem to crack fine, hopefully it will stay nice out today and the ground will be dry so I can give it some more test cracking.

5 foot almost finished!

5 foot almost finished!

Yesterday afternoon I did some plaiting on the over lay of the 5 foot 12 plait whip. It’s been dropped all the way down to 6 strands and is almost ready for the fall hitch. I do need to cut out the fall, but already have the leather that the fall will be made from.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Portland area to perform at a festival…so I dont know if I will get the whip finished today, it may have to wait until Monday.

12 plait overlay has begun

12 plait overlay has begun

Last night I cut out and pared the overlay for this whip. Today I’ve gotten the checkerboard handle and some of the 4 seam thong finished. I’ve got about a foot and half of the thong done, so only about another 3 feet to go.

12 plait 4 seam bullwhip

I’ve noticed that I am getting much faster with the plaiting. I don’t have to think as much, my hands are learing what to do on thier own. So far I’m very happy with how this whip has turned out.

Also it’s always amazing how much the color of the leather changes from when I get to to when the whip is finished. That’s from the plaiting soap, oils in my hands, sunlight and any dressing that I may put on it.

This whip has a nice tight plait so far, so it will need some breaking in…and that’s a good thing!

5 foot 12 plait bullwhip in progress

5 foot 12 plait bullwhip in progress

Right now I’m doing another 12 plait 5 foot cow leather bullwhip. Here’s the whip’s progress so far:

5 foot bullwhip core and belly

The picture above is the core and 1st plaited belly. Below is a picture of the stand set for the 2nd belly.

5 foot bullwhip 2nd belly

Above is a picture of the whip with the 2nd belly attached. Below is with the 2nd belly plaited.

5foot bullwhip with 2 bellies

Below is the whip with the bolster.

bullwhip with 2 bellies and boslter

All that is left is to do the overlay and the knots.

5 foot bullwhip now 4 footy

5 foot bullwhip now 4 footy

about a week ago I made a 5 foot cow bullwhip that had a flaw in it when I dropped a strand. The strand that got dropped didnt get pulled tight (this was about 6 inches from the end).

4 foot 8 plait

Last night I unplaited the whip and took a look at it and replaited it, and guess what…it looked the same. so I shortend the whip 6 inches to right before where the funky strand was!

leather whip

so here are the new stats for this whip:
handle 8 inches
thong 3 feet 3 inches
fall 28 inches
total length 6 foot 1 inch

4 feet whip

this whip is available in the whips for sale page

Canes for Stock Whips

Canes for Stock Whips

This morning I ordered two canes from Mike Murhpy to make some stock whips out of. One are that I haven’t really messed with in whip cracking is two handed cracks. So I’m going to make a couple of stockwhips for that.

I dont think any two handed work will end up in my show since many of the places that I play don’t have enough room for that.

Also I sold another one of my beginners bullwhips yesterday, so that’s pretty sweet.

Pictures of the Kip bullwhip

Pictures of the Kip bullwhip

This morning I took some pictures of the Bull that I finished yesterday. It looks a little bit darker in the picture than it actually is in person. It is english kip, so that would explain why it looks soo pale! I may lube it up and leave it in the sun today to try to give it a little bit of a tan.

kipp bullwhip

Here are the measurements for this whip:
Handle: 8 inches
Thong: 4 feet 2 inches
Fall: 26 inches
Total length: approx 7 feet

5 foot bull whip kip leather

starter 5 foot 12 plait cow / kip bullwhip

This whip can be ordered from the whips for sale page

5ish foot 12 plait bullwhip finished

5ish foot 12 plait bullwhip finished

About an hour ago I finished a 5ish foot bullwhip. This whip’s guts are:
* Leather Core
* Platied Belly
* 2nd Plaited Belly
* 12 plait English Kipp overlay

I will post pictures of this whip later. The handle of this whip was an experiment. It’s very oval shaped (like a flattened circle). the two bellies don’t wrap around the handle, they each have two strips that go on each side of the handle, then bound in place.

the strips on this whip are sitting on top of each other, in the future I will have them lay next to each other. so the two layer only add one layer of thickness…and might keep a round shape to the handle.

Also my plaiting has gotten much faster since I put a hook on the fence of my deck.

Whip Measurements

Whip Measurements

The leather (cow) bullwhip that I finished yesterday finally has pictures!


This whip’s guts are a core followed by a 4 plait layer and an 8 plait overlay.

how to crack a whip

The measurement are:

* 8 inch handle
* 3 foot 7 inch thong
* 28 inch fall

That gives the total lenght from the butt of the handle to the end of the fall as approx 6 feet 7 inches.

whip cracking for beginners - bullwhip

The knot on this whip where the handle meets the thong is Kangaroo…once again I found some lace that I had cut previouslly and so I slapped it on this whip. this whip does have a minor flaw, about 6 inches from the fall hitch there is a strand that I didnt pull tight enough after I dropped it. I did take this whip out and give it some test cracks and it could still do all the cracks I gave it.

You can order this whip in the whips for sale page!

Finished yet another 5ish foot leather (cow) whip

Finished yet another 5ish foot leather (cow) whip

I just finished putting the final knots on another beginners bullwhip. I will post pictures of it later.

Also I picked up a new side of Kip…so that will make some more cores and bolsters. when I was at the leather placed I grabbed a tub of Aussie Conditioner by Fieblings. I put it on the bullwhip that I just finished. This stuff feel very similar to Pecards, but a little softer.